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Fun with colour and physics.

This will be a 3D puzzle/platformer where you manage a group of characters through physics based puzzles in the environment. The catch is the objects do not have their physical attributes, you have to apply it.

Your interface will consist of 5 colours which the player controls. You can click and drag these colours onto various puzzles objects in the level. Each colour has its own unique physical properties. Using the correct combination of colours will allow the physics to be functional. As an example, dragging blue onto part of the puzzle will make it lighter allowing your characters to gain access to higher ground.

You will need to be 'on the ball' to allow safe passage of your characters. Do something wrong and you may end up managing more than one group in different areas or losing characters completely.

Each level requires a certain number of your characters to reach the end. Achievements will be given for notable successes, for example using only one colour throughout the level.

The players have the freedom to approach the level in various ways. Experimentation with the colours is vital to find the best way for your characters to get to the end of the level.
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