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The Weather Factory is the Irish team for Dare To Be Digital 2011.

During Dare they will be developing The Balloonist.

The Balloonist is a side scrolling 3D “Metroidvania” for the iPad. A Victorian gentleman balloonist crash lands in, and explores, a huge steam punk weather factory.

Exploring the factory involves solving physics based puzzles, avoiding and trapping enemies, and finding new items that allow the player to access new areas.

The twist is that not all of the rooms in the Weather Factory remain the same at all times of the day and in all weather conditions (actual real life weather conditions). The player will face different puzzles, enemies, and other challenges in these rooms depending on what the weather is like and what time it is.

The player’s ultimate goal is to escape the Weather Factory by rebuilding his Balloon from its parts, which were scattered by the accident. While doing this he will explore the Weather Factory, pick up upgrades, and investigate the sinister mind behind the factory… he may also lock helpless enemies in abominable machines and laugh.
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