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Swallowtail: Tick Tock Toys

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We are team Swallowtail, five students from Norwich University College of the Arts and Abertay University competing in Dare to be Digital 2011 with our iPad game 'Tick Tock Toys'.

Tick Tock Toys is a 3D puzzle/maze game which takes place inside a cluttered toy box. Your aim is to alter the position of the objects inside to clear a path for the clockwork robot to reach his frisbee goal.

All of the objects are there to be played with, some will help you solve your puzzle while others will hi ...


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Week 4 Progress

4th July 2011

Excellent start to week 4, pretty much a whole day playing with the lighting and shadows in the iPad build, trying to get it look natural and the colours more true to our intended colour scheme. We

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Week One Progress

22nd June 2011

During the first week we managed to integrate most of our mechanics,  leaving plenty of time for polishing and camera experimentation. We also got a fair amount of

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The University College is right behind you

invisiblecollege says (28th June 2011)

The previews are looking great, out of sight but not out of mind Swallowtail. NUCA does indeed rule...

Keep up the good work

cgdermot says (24th June 2011)

Good to see lots of assets in engine. Keep up the good work. PS NUCA rules :)

Keep up the good work

cgdermot says (24th June 2011)

Greetings from Ireland.Its good to see lots of assets engine side. Keep up the good work.rnPS NUCA rulesrn

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