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Fatdog Games: The Tale of Yog

Hi there!

We’re Fatdog Games, a Dare team from sunny Sheffield here to bring an updated spin on the competition and do our best to push the boundaries of what can be completed by 5 workaholics and copious amounts of energy, creativity and caffeine.

The game we will be bringing to protoplay is “The Tale of Yog” – An exciting adventure game for the ipad device. The game allows the player to take control of a small Viking and his companions to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and solve puzzles. The game features a hands-on approach to gameplay by allowing the player to paint paths for the ...


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15th June 2011

Yog is the player character for our game, his design will be changing very slightly. We'll be losing the two bits of beard on either side of his chin and also the moustache.

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Grizzle the goblin design (One of Yogs first friends)

15th June 2011

Here is the design that our artiste has just finished up ready for the modellers to stare at all day, this guy is going to meet Yog very early on and offer to help him in his adventures.

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