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Bubblegum Games: Radiant Jade

Radiant Jade is an isometric, arcade-style action game in which the main character, Jade, crash lands on an alien planet and must defend herself from waves of enemies while finding a way to repair her ship to escape. Jade has the ability to change between four colours which correspond to the Xbox controller’s face buttons – yellow, red, green, and blue –representing the elements, wind, fire, earth and water, respectively. Jade can destroy enemies that are the same colour that she is by colliding with them. However, as Jade can only be one colour at a time, she is vulnerable t ...


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Progress report

23rd July 2009

Its been a while since our last diary entry so we have a lot of new stuff to show.

The level layout has changed to give the map a less rectangular shape. The temple model has been added. W

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nearly 4 weeks in

2nd July 2009

Its towards the end of the fourth week and our team has made good progress in our project.

We have a newly integrated version with updated HUD functionality  and added special eff

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Week 3 - Progress Update

24th June 2009

Added some more screen shots above. Progress this week includes particle effects, dynamic shadows, audio implementation, improved enemy A.I., improved HUD, improved gameplay mechanics

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rEtRo mOdE!

18th June 2009


... more

Volcanoe now has lava!

18th June 2009

now just to animate it! ...

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Tumbelina says (30th July 2009)

Yeah that website is still very very much in construction. Didn't think anyone was actually checking it out :P Should be changed around in a few days


says (28th July 2009)

hey ur website looks a lot like the pixel pirates huh lol =P

Sweet like sugar

says (27th July 2009)

Really really love this, can't wait to see the finished game.

I like it

Ironically-Maiden says (23rd July 2009)

Dave's right I think you guys are trying to show us up, I approve. Keep up the good work :)

Looking Good

Welerongorgo says (13th July 2009)

It seems to be coming along really well. Keep it up and best of luck.

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