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Digital Colony: Pollen

Guide a swarm of homeless bees through a perilous garden in order to find a safe location for their new hive. Acting as the Queen Bee, use the Stylus and gesture-based controls to assist your bees in this side scrolling puzzle-adventure. Make use of several different classes of bees and their specialised abilities; work as a team to overcome obstacles, avoid enemies and collect pollen.

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Last Full Week

6th August 2009

The final full week is upon us, time to tidy up, finish off, and freak out. Meanwhile, enjoy some bee renderings from our trailer!

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Week 7?!

24th July 2009

Music, SFX, textures, animations and lights - these are some of this weeks highlights!


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Week 4

3rd July 2009

Some updated screenshots as things gradually come together. Game's come a long way since we last posted, most of the gameplay is up and running and under constant tweaking as are the art assets, but s

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19th June 2009

Week 2 is over!

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18th June 2009

Pictures goin' up.




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Looking good guys.

Noodle says (4th August 2009)

Saw the latest video, its looking really great guys. The 2D work in this game is easily the best in this competition, really amazing digital paintings. And the 3D is great too! :D Keep going, cant wai

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