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Dare to be Digital 2009 Team Blog

Trouble Maker: Tom's Odd Dreamworld

Tom is a boy who is trapped in his own dreams. In order to escape into the waking world, Tom must explore and manipulate his dreams while avoiding the mysterious monster known as the Night Terror.

The dream takes place on a giant pyramid split into triangular faces – fans of mathematics would call this a tetrahedron! This tetrahedron behaves like a 3D maze - the player must rotate the tips of the world like a giant Rubik’s cube in order to progress.

As well as running and jumping through this world, Tom has the power to switch between two versions of his dream worlds, his sweet dreams an ...


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last week incoming

2nd August 2009

The last week is coming, our game project should be in final stage now. Painting remaining textures will still be the main task of week 9, apart from that, there will be some polish work like corre

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walking along the river tay

19th July 2009

1 month has passed and we are making progress now...

i have finished all the models of the "garden" and try to complete the level design.then i have to integrate the obj

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Programmer diary

19th July 2009

I have been here for one and a half month. I spend the first 2 weeks on learning the engine, and the next month I wrote the character’s running, climbing, jumping, the collision between the char

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16th July 2009

This is the poster we have made, which shows the two dream worlds and the Night Terror chasing Tom. Tom is carrying the clock piece (not pizza!) and escaping!

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22nd June 2009

Here is the concept design for Tom and the monster in nightmares.

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Looks great.

xueyouchao says (6th August 2009)

The path finding for the monster is a bit silly.But it looks much better than before. Good luck!rn

It\'s going to be good

says (27th July 2009)

Making good progress; cute, funny and great colours

best wish

says (24th July 2009)

If you want to do,nothing you can't,I believe.rnCome on!

reply lieene

glint114 says (14th July 2009)

Not too bad, not too good-_-

Come on you can do it.

xueyouchao says (14th July 2009)

wish you success! Nice to meet you guys.

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