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CottonBall Physics: Hoe Down Show Down

Bailey the Scarecrow has lost control; crows have taken over the farm. Like all other scarecrows, Baileys job is to scare crows; problem is he isn’t very scary! He must find a way of getting the farm back in shape!

“Hoe Down Show Down” is a single player action adventure where you play as Bailey the scarecrow in his quest to restore order to the farm by ridding the land of its crow pests. You must do this by finding items throughout the farm and combining them to make ingenious contraptions that help Bailey through various scenarios.

Collect multiple combinations of ite ...


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Some new screens

28th July 2009

just a few new screens

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Week 6

19th July 2009

Heading into week 7 now; with if my maths are correct 22 days left. Got most of the mechanics tied together now, our next aim is for something representative of the game playable for the visitors next

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Week 5

12th July 2009

Its the end of week 5 and we've managed to get all the core mechanics for the made, it will be a matter of pulling them together into playable scenarios now. We've got Wii remote working quite

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Update with renders and screenshots

28th June 2009

Some Renders and screens from the game

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Week 2

20th June 2009

So this week we've managed to get a few more features into the game, we should have something playable by the end of the week. We'll take a few renders on Monday of some of the characters in the ga

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Hi Ernest

jimm270 says (10th July 2009)

Thanks for the feedback, that's great news on the contract. Yeah just early days for Bailey in the video, a week 2 model I think it was, with maybe 4 animations in total at the time (we're up to 26 an

Hi, guys! Good news.

EWAdams says (9th July 2009)

I hope you're having a good time. I've just heard that the Royal Academy of Engineering has agreed to extend my contract as a visiting professor, so assuming all goes well I should be at the Universit


says (27th June 2009)

Hey guys looking forward to meeting up at Protoplay this year, make sure you got a cracking game ready for me!


jimm270 says (14th June 2009)

Oh no, I'm being watched....

howdy jim

meg252 says (13th June 2009)

granny is happy. Ann says hello and well done. everybody says hi. shannon says unwell done and she misses nicole.

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