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Dare to be Digital 2009 Team Blog

Derail Entertainment: Break a Leg

95 words about Break a Leg:

Break the laws of physics in this fast paced abstract platform game; Soar from one building to another in first person using jump pads, air shafts, advanced air control and special skills to boost your speed. Original and insane levels challenge your coordination and creativity as you race against time in this futuristic city.
Advanced physics creates innovative gameplay: spend 80 % of the time in air and use your Particle Reversal Bat to smash everything as you make speed towards the finish line.
Jump, fly, SMASH !

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Break a Leg - Final build

9th August 2009

Dare to be digital is coming to an end, there are only a couple of days left before we pack up our stuff and goes to protoplay in Edinburgh and presents our game. Break a leg is ready and here is th

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Week 9 update

4th August 2009

The game trailer is ready, most of the interface is ready, the menu stuff is almost ready and there aren’t any major bugs in the game. The programmers are trying to optimize the game as much

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Week 8

2nd August 2009

No crunch for us, we have been tweaking stuff and optimizing the game engine so the game runs smoothly on the G45. Well, we had to turn of deferred rendering to make it run on 30 FPS but it lo

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Week 7 update

26th July 2009

For 7 weeks now we have been developing break a Leg, final version of Gameplay is complete and 70 % of the graphics are done. The artist is now working on the in game HUD and menu layout, the p

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Week 6 update

19th July 2009

Week 6 and feature lock down, the team is now focusing on the graphics in the game. The graphics programmer has one week left to make the game look god now, because of the deadline for the PR video

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says (21st July 2009)

Wow, looking good, guys! Would love to have a go on this game! Keep up the good work.rnGav.


toxicmog says (17th June 2009)

Looks good guys. Mr Ben.

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