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The Butterflyers: Shrunk! (née Gravity's Hammer)

"Holy Mackerel! Winston, your Uncle, Professor Adams has been abducted by none other than the dastardly Dr Shockalot! Not only that, he’s gone and used your uncle’s own invention against him, the Kleinescope – a device which resizes the world around you at will.

Shrunk to the size of a salt shaker, can you master the Hammer to stop the Doctor’s nefarious plans and save the Professor- using your skills to overcome laboratories, gardens and the city?"

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Update- gameplay, characters and game design!

20th July 2009


    As it is week 7 out of 9 development weeks, we will try our best to keep you updated with our progress. 

   In the 'Gameplay Mock-up' video

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20th July 2009

Some concept art, poster and a screenshot from the game foryou to look at!

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says (15th August 2009)

Looking good. Best wishes for Edinburgh. U.J.

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