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Crispy Nugget Studios at Dare 2011

Its all gone backward

15th June 2011

Literally the controls went back to front!! very comical day, however missed out on a Dominos pizza which sumed up today! Apparently turning the game character left activates a super boost which sends him into outspace! A feature which Steve wanting (Space Run)but the programming boys are not(Sergi gave me that look!!!!)Eventually gravity was sorted a the character no longer flies off into oblivion and now holds on to the the ground! Although the controls are a bit scew wiff its fun to play! Graphically we have Evil Brain done (sort of) and half a hero. The test track is working for the character but thats a 50/50 envronment pieces are taking shape the rocket ship is done that crashes in the brigde as as part of one of our epic set pieces! Todays conclusion slow and steady wins the race!


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