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Industry Views

Dare to be Digital is highly regarded among the games industry too...

"Dare to be Digital is the ideal platform for aspiring game development students to demonstrate their raw creative and technical talents in an industry-recognized showcase, with the added incentive of a chance to compete for a BAFTA ‘Ones to Watch’ award" Neil Holmes, Producer, Blitz Games Studios’ Blitz 1UP initiative

"Dare to be Digital provides a podium for talented individuals seeking to make their way in the video games industry" Peter Hentze, Principal Concept Artist, Rare Ltd

"The one thing most likely to let you break into the games industry. Going through 10 weeks of Dare gives you the experience it'd take at least 12 months in industry to get otherwise - an amazing opportunity to live an entire project lifecycle in just one summer" Colin Macdonald, Commissioning Editor for Games, Channel 4

"It's been my privilege to be involved with Dare and I've been incredibly impressed with the talent I have seen. I couldn't think of a better way of showcasing student talent to potential employers" John Dennis, Design Manager, Team 17

"If an applicant has Dare to be Digital on their CV, they go straight to the top of the pile, its as simple as that" Colin Anderson, Managing Director, Denki

"The range of talent on show at Dare is simply just gets better year on year" Julie Adair, Director of Online Product Operations, Walt Disney Internet Group

"Dare to be Digital is a great opportunity to develop exciting and innovative games, with the freshest talent coming together to push themselves to their creative limits in a condensed development scenario. It gives people a taste of actual against-the-clock game development with all the challenges and excitement of the real thing" Mark Digger, Designer, Blitz Games Studios’ R&D Art Team

"This is the closest you can get to commercial game development" Jon Jordan, Founder, Pocketgamer "

"The Dare model rewards creativity and teamwork as well as risk taking. It is the gold standard for project based competitive teamwork" Richard Leinfellner, CEO, Babel Media

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