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Hardware & Software List

Development Machine specifications:

PC: Core i5 Processor @3.1GHz, 8gb RAM, Nvidia GT440 Graphics Card
iMacs: OSX 10.7, Core2Duo 3Ghz, 4GB, onboard video

Other hardware (e.g. mobile phones, consoles, handhelds, tablets etc.) will depend on sponsorship. We encourage students to bring in these platform hardware as much as they can. Alternatively, as soon as the teams have been selected, Dare will try to get your requested hardware through the route of sponsorship and there's no guarantee that sponsorship can be sought successfully. If you are unsure about the platform that you choose, please send an enquiry to

Note: all hardware brought in by the Dare participants are not allowed to connect to the main Abertay University network. They can only be connected to individual PC.


Unity3D are pleased to offer any teams taking part in this year's Dare to be Digital with full pro licenses to their tools. This will allow any teams taking part the ability to be able to deploy their game to the web, PC, Mac, iOS devices and to Android. Unity are also offering technical support to any teams using their engine so that teams can expect someone from Unity to get back to them within two or three days on any problems they are having. Unity can be found here at where you can grab a free pro trial now just to have a play with it.

Note: students are free to choose any engine they want.

PlayStation - Sony Computer Entertainment

PlayStationFirst Academic Programme is offering the student developers to present their game to Producers and studio group at Sony Computer Entertainment.
We encourage teams to consider developing on PlayStation®Mobile (PSM) to create PlayStation® games for PlayStation™Certified devices such as PS Vita.
For more information about PSM, please go to:
Please Note: PlayStationFirst Academic Programme is supportive of teams using the middleware offered by Dare to be Digital during the competition


Euphonious are proud to support this year’s Dare to be Digital event by providing teams free access to our Sound Effect collections in addition to a selection of our shrink-wrapped AudioSkin packages, each containing a theme track, in-game track, win and lose jingles, plus supporting UI and gameplay sound effects.  For further information please visit, or email us at   
Note: A credit to Euphonious on the game is required if the game developed at Dare is to be released outside Dare ProtoPlay.

Dare 2013 Standard Software

PC Base Software List

Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)    

Microsoft Office 2010


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


McAfee Virus Scanner


Google Chrome

Enterprise 65.0.16552


32-bit and 64-bit


ESR 10.0.4


9.2 (64bit)

Tortoise SVN

1.7.6 (64bit)

VLC Media Player






Flash Player

11.2 (64bit and 32bit)

Quicktime Player


Java Runtime

7 Update 4

Adobe Reader


Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Master Collection

(to be confirmed)

DirectX SDK

June 2010

Autodesk Entertainment Creative Suite 2011

3ds Max 2011

(32bit Educational License)

Maya 2011


Softimage 2011


MatchMover 2011


MotionBuilder 2011


Mudbox 2011


Composite 2011

Apple Mac Base Software List

OSX 10.7.x (Latest 10.7)

Microsoft Office


Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Master Collection

(to be confirmed)

Google Chrome


Mozzilla Firefox












9.x (Latest Patch)

MBox2 (External USB Module)


MIDI keyboard

available on request

*An Audio Lab is also available for teams to record their own music or sound for the games.



A technical form will need to be filled in by selected teams. Every team has the maximum of one week to finalise their wishlist of hardware and software requirement. Please make sure you think it through even at this application stage. You are free to choose any engine or software you want to use for your game. Due to costs issue, we recommend the teams to use as much open source as possible. Sponsorship will need to be sought on any paid licenses and there's no guarantee that we can get it.  

If you have any queries check out the FAQs or if you can't find an answer contact You can also check out our facebook page. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

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