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Dare to be Digital 2015 is open – click to apply now!

Key Dates for Dare 2015:

Application deadline

By 4 May Mon 5pm UK time

Initial Online judging of all applications

Early May

Shortlisted teams for Pitching/interviews

End May

15 Finalists confirmed

Early June

Dare ProtoPlay

13-16 August

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Some basic information:

-         Final applications, including a pitching video must be made by 4 May (Monday) 5pm (UK time, GMT+1)

-         Games that started development since last Dare ProtoPlay (ie from 11 August 2014) are eligible

-         Students from universities and collegues and fresh graduates (from 2014) with teams of up to 8 can apply

-         Teams selected for Dare ProtoPlay will have the summer to complete their game, working from their own premises (residential or within their own university)

-         Applications must be endorsed by a member of teaching staff from the team’s host university

-         Free accommodation will be provided from Saturday 8 to Tuesday 18 August in Dundee

-         Teams will supply their own computers, software and mobile or tablet devices. A small amount of
           PCs and screens can be made available if required.


Q1 – What prizes will I get?
The 3 winning teams will get a cash prize of £2,500 each plus a nomination to the BAFTA Ones To Watch Award. Other prizes include awards from Channel 4 and Design in Action to help you further develop your game.  We are also in discussion with other partners. There may be other prizes up for grabs as well.

Q2 - Do I need to submit a complete game before I apply?
No. You don't need to submit a complete game before you apply. We will have mentors to offer you online support between June and August to help you finish the game once you are selected.

Q3 - What suppport will I get?
We will have mentors offering online support to the selected teams to finish your game.

Q4 - Where can we find other team members?
We don't get involved in placing people in to teams. If you are struggling to find team members, we would recommend posting your requirements on the 'Disqus' comment below. Additionally, you could ask friends on your course, email people on other courses, put notices around your University / other Universities or talk to your lecturer.

Q5 - I was a team member in Dare in previous years. Can I take part again, either as part of the same team or as part of a new team?
No. You cannot take part in the Dare competition, but you are welcome to join Dare Indie Fest.

Q6 - I applied to the competition in previous years but my team did not get a place / I was also interviewed but was unsuccessful. Can I apply this year?
If you were previously unsuccessful you can apply as many times as you like. You can also apply again if you attended interview but were not successful in getting a place. Teams or individuals who were successful in getting a place on the competition but later withdrew cannot apply again - this includes individuals or teams who withdrew prior to the competition or during.

Q7 - One / two of my team members have already graduated. Can my team still apply to Dare 2014?
Graduates who were students in 2014 are eligible to apply.

Q8 - Someone in my team has worked in the Games Industry. Can he/she still join my team?
No applicant should have had any extensive (more than 6 months full time) work experience in a development role in the games industry as a graduate or study break. Part time relevant work and internships undertaken during consecutive years of study are permitted. Please refer to the Dare team if you are unsure.

Q9 - What do I need to include in the 5-minute video pitch in the application form?
What you put in the video pitch is entirely up to you - there are no set guidelines. The purpose of it is to explain and sell your game idea to the judging panel so that they better understand it and will want to interview the team. You can put whatever you want in it but be mindful of the limited time you have and only include content which helps get your game idea across. After watching your pitch the judges should have a far better understanding of your game idea. Try to think creatively and engage the judges. Think that if you were a judge, and you were going to have to watch LOTS of these videos, what would you want to see from a team?

Q10 - Where will the selection days be held this year?
They will be held in May. Exact dates and locations to be confirmed.

Q11 - What will happen at the selection day?
Your team will be required to prepare a presentation on your game idea and deliver it to a judging panel, normally 3-4 people from various backgrounds in the games industry. If you are invited to interview, you will be told what you have to prepare.

Q12 - Will all my team members have to attend the selection day?
At least 1 representative.

Q13 - My team won't be able to make the selection day in my region - can we arrange another date?
No, there is only 1 selection day in each of the specified selection regions and it cannot be changed. We have tried as much as possible to avoid clashing with examination dates and holidays but this is often unavoidable due to the often-differing dates set by each University / Art College. Due to the number of people involved in the selection day process, along with the fact they are using their working time to assess entries, only one day can be set aside to hold interviews. We also have to ensure the date does not clash with important dates in the Games Industry calendar as the judges will be at these events! However, if the date of the selection day is inconvenient, we will endeavour to arrange a specific time on the date of the selection day which best suits your team.

Q14 - Who will pay for travel costs to the interviews?
All teams chosen to come to interview will need to pay for their own travel, regardless of their geographic location. International students can use video conferencing facilities.

Q15 - How far can the game be developed before the competition starts, for example can you come in with a partly done game?
You can bring a game which was developed during a game jam or as part of your University course, as much developed as you want, but the game development mustn’t be started before September 2014.

Q16 - How will our game be judged in the end?
They will be judged by a high level games industry panel who will judge each game against the 3 main Dare criteria of creativity,  market potential and best use of technology.

Q17 – Who will own the rights to my game?
You and your team members are the sole owners of your game IP.

I can’t find the answer to what I'm looking for! Help!
Drop a quick email to and we'll help you. Please include your name, course and University on your email so that we can help to process your query as quickly as possible.

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