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Dare to be Digital 2012 Games

Slick by Caracol Games

Redefining a snail’s pace

Caracol Games

Slick is a fast-paced, 2.5D, sidescrolling platformer for XBOX 360 and PC. The player controls Slick, a socially misfit snail who suffers a hereditary problem – he produces too much slime! The player must guide him on his adventure, avoiding obstacles at high speeds and solving puzzles along the way. But you’d better keep moving, because if Slick’s slime builds up, he’ll explode!

Slick is a fun, family-friendly game with compelling gameplay, a unique colourful world and an instantly lovable character. Can you help Slick survive?

Liminal Magibrawl by CLOCKinROCK

Can you Kinect to your power?

Clock in Rock

In a land of wild mountains, dark temples and treacherous caverns, you are one of the last of the tribe of powerful Liminal Magebrawlers; immense mage warriors with mighty animal aspects. 

To achieve your destiny, your fate, you must use the Kinect, your body and agility to cast an array of spells and combos against your opponents until you become the one, true leader of your people.

Liminal Magibrawl uses a unique full body combat system in combination with the Kinect controller to create an exceptional two-player magic duelling experience.

Mr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair by Dapper Hat Games

The action’s non-stop in this bonkers barbershop!

 Dapper Hat Games

Enter the world of manic moustache grooming with “Mr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial hair”! Use touch gestures to comb and style the moustaches of some rather eccentric customers, whilst utilising an arsenal of exciting barbershop weaponry to defend your client from a seemingly endless supply of unwanted and unexpected visitors such as swarms of bees, sharks and many more! In order to gain the coveted title of “Moustache Maestro”, you’ll have to use all of your cunning and skill, and make sure your customers get exactly what they were looking for! So, we “Moustache” you, are you up for the challenge?

Castle Crusade by Fortified

Prepare to be blown away!


Challenge your friends to battle and destroy them brick by brick. Take command of a fortified Castle, a royal Monarch, and obscenely powerful Cannons to rain down destruction on your opponent. With the enemy’s base in your sights, all that’s left to do is strike the fuse. Take time to revel in your enemy’s dismay as your mighty cannonball hurtles towards their battlements like an insane wrecking ball on a demolition mission. Aim for their vulnerable cannons to cripple their offence or use strategic wit and deduction to dethrone their Monarch for instant victory.

Interstate Outlaws by Gastank Games

Ride Hard. Ride Dirty.

Gastank Games

Interstate Outlaws is a competitive, 2-player Kinect racer putting you in the boots of bikers with serious attitude… Using the Kinect to steer, players take to the tarmac on a hectic Americana route to battle it out for a place in The Outlaws biker gang! Dodging hazards, collecting pick-ups and pushin' 'n' shovin', players battle it out for road supremacy. With Kinect actions to fix your hog, pump up your tires and clean off the bugs, Interstate Outlaws is a brawling racer with classic retro roots in a modern package.
Take it to the road without leaving the edge of your seat!


Colour Captain by iDeer

Colour the sky and become captain of the mythical ship!


Colour Captain is a 2D puzzle-platform game made for the iPhone that is both entertaining and educational. The game takes players on a fantastic journey through the skies of the world to find lost pieces of a magical ship. Arm yourself with colour theory as you make your way through a variety of challenges. Become a master at creating colours to reveal a path to the lost ship and become the captain. Meet all of Momo's friends in each new level and help them find the lost ship!

Starcrossed by Kind of a Big Deal

Dare 2012 Winner

2D rocket jumping action in space!

Kind of a Big Deal

Starcrossed is a whimsical 2D space platformer for Windows Phone 7. In Starcrossed you guide a crashlanded astronaut back to his home planet, using a rocket launcher to send him flying through space from one asteroid to another.

Gravity plays a pivotal role as the asteroids’ gravity fields will affect the astronaut’s movement. Temperature is also important: be careful not to expose the astronaut to the burning heat of the sun or the freezing outer space for too long at a time!

What a Day! by LazzyBrains

The story of a fisher-worm.

Lazzy Brains

What a Day! is a 2.5D adventure/survival  game for the iPad which takes the player through a nice fishing adventure, but not the usual way. The player plays as a worm named Muttu who needs to catch fish for his master, the fisherman. The player’s job is to guide Muttu through the adverse course of the pond, attract fish, and make them follow him up to the hook. Meanwhile the player must keep Muttu safe from those hungry predators underwater. Different fish are worth more points but are also faster, so be careful not to let them eat Muttu!

Pixel Story by Loan Wolf Games

Dare 2012 Winner and Channel 4 Award Winner

Solve, Evolve, Return.
by LoanLoan Wolf Games

In Pixel Story, you will embark on a journey of discovery and evolution, playing as a rogue pixel who breaks the laws of his electronic world and begins a fight for survival in a constantly developing universe. Using puzzle solving along with your unique ability to return to a saved location is the only way to avoid deletion from a force that controls your entire world, as you struggle in this beautiful but hostile environment.  Traversing and overcoming the intricate mechanical domain, you will experience the technical and aesthetic changes to video games over time.

Ready, Steady, Roll! by Mad Rocket Games

Bake me a cake as fast as you can!

Mad Rocket Games

Ready, Steady, Roll! The must have multiplayer racing game for Android tablets! Tumble your way downhill on a giant ball of cake, squashing into and collecting delicious ingredients to increase your mass and momentum! In a bid to find the answer to life, the universe and everything, help the Makers and Bakers build a galaxy out of cakes. Compete against your friends online for a scrumptious, mouth-watering experience which will leave you asking for more.

Badgers VS Turtles by Must Make Games

Pick a side and begin all out animal warfare!

Must Make Games

Badgers VS Turtles tells the story of the conflict between the Dynasty of Turtle and the invading Monarchy of Badger. The Turtles strive to defend their land while the Badgers seek to claim it for their own great empire. Pick your side in the battle and wage animal warfare in this fast paced multiplayer turn based strategy game.

Played on the iPad, this game takes full advantage of the touch mechanics to deliver a fun frenzied fast paced game experience that will have you and your friends fighting for victory again and again.

Project Thanatos by Raptor Games

Dare 2012 Winner and ProtoPlay Audience Award Winner

Dare to Play!

Raptor Games 

Project Thanatos is a first-person psychological horror game for the PC and Sensics zSight Headset. The game throws you into an adventure of twisted terrors and gripping fear in a world warped by a deadly biochemical weapon. The player guides the character through the story to confront their in-game legacy and escape unscathed, before time and their sanity run out!

The Sensics zSight provides players stereoscopic 3D visuals with full head-tracking movement which gives complete in-game freedom. The headset combined with binaural sound recording provide the immersion to make this horror experience truly terrifying!


GravTech by Team Faceplant

Gravity Gone Wild

 Team Faceplant

Gravtech is a physics-based platformer where you have the power to manipulate gravity! You play as Cael, a space adventurer, who has crashed landed on a long forgotten planet. He now must repair his damaged spaceship by recovering all of the missing parts. As Cael wanders through a ruined temple he stumbles across a gravity gun, made from ancient technology, which he uses to control the environment around him by making objects lighter and heavier.

IsoChronous by team.iso

Reverse time, protect the king and change kingdom's destiny!


What if you could change your fate not by changing your actions but with the actions of others?
IsoChronous is a 3D real time strategy game with time travelling for 2 players on PC where you will have to help one of the kings of IsoChronia to be victorious in a tremendous battle between two furious armies to be the King of the Kingdoms. Build your army with the help of hammer master, the archer, the fire elementalist and many other brave soldiers that will give their present, past and future fate at your service.

Marcelo by The Nuclear Duck

Adventure waits for no man… but what if you’re a monkey?

The Nuclear Duck

Prepare your palms and be ready to jump with the Kinect! Join Marcelo, an inquisitive young monkey in his adventures at the tropical jungles of South-America, and help him in his pursuit of freeing his captured younger sister. Throughout your journey you will explore exotic landscapes, meet a variety of colourful character, and move your way just like a real monkey.  The Game will be controlled by a Kinect motion camera with emphasis on simple and intuitive movements. The game is aimed at a younger audience (Tweens age), but also would be a sheer pleasure to the whole family.

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