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2007 Teams


Welcome to the brand new Dare showcase. Now with more games than ever before!

To download the games (including BAFTA Award winning game Ragnarawk), you will need to be registered and logged in. Registering is really quick and simple and we ensure a data protection policy (click here to read it).

Please note that the games here are prototypes and are not guaranteed to work on all computer systems, in addition, Dare and the teams regret we cannot provide any technical support.

The games are copyright protected and permission must be sought from Dare for any commercial use.

Click on the team names to find out more. You can also view more images from the games by clicking on the showcase images tab on the left.

Artificial Entertainment

Bathroom Buccaneers

Artificial Entertainment ScreenshotAvast me hearties! You are the Captain of a miniature Pirate Galleon. It is your goal to make yourself the only Captain of the bathtub. Your ship is armed with one forward and eight side-facing cannons. While searching for booty, dodging soap-bergs and bottles of shampoo, you’ll be battling other scurvy dogs through the foamy fog.

Thar’ll be doubloons for the taking and power ups to help ye sink yer foe, choose yer course wisely or I’ll make ye walk the plank!

The Game (97 MB) | Images | Video (MPG 9MB)
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Care Box (winner)


Care Box ScreenshotGame description: ClimbActic is a 3D cooperative platform game in which players combine the skills of two distinct characters to conquer a striking cartoon environment. Within each level players are confronted with a range of challenges, including sheer rock faces, deep chasms and icy summits. ClimbActic’s unique gameplay is focused on dynamic interactions with the environment and other players, as opposed to pre-defined scripted events where only one outcome is ever possible. This encourages the players to experiment during play, finding multiple ways to complete the puzzles and obstacles which populate each level.

The Game (34 MB) | Images | Video (AVI 56MB)
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Cold Sanity


Cold Sanity ScreenshotRemanence is a third person, story driven, hovercraft combat game set in 2119. In a flooded Earth stay alive in order start a new home on a distant planet. Upgrade your hovercraft once you scavenge enough scrap, either from killing enemies or from the environment then trade it in for big guns. Battle on raging waves and city landscapes at hypersonic speed. You will meet the notorious pirates and the radical religious crusaders in battle or alliance. Exploring is hazardous with dangerous waters and vengeful fog. Plunder both life and possession if you think the means justify the ends & settle a few scores along the way.

The Game (312MB) | Images | Video (AVI 71MB)
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Emergence Games

Forgotten Souls

Emergence Games ScreenshotForgotten Souls is a first person survival game. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the player must protect a child from hordes of demons. During daytime the player carries the child through the world, gathering what weapons and ammunition they can find, looking for a suitable shelter to defend. At night, demons stalk the land, hunting the player and seeking to reclaim the child. The player can fortify their chosen shelter using destructible objects within the game to build barricades, to keep the demons out. Strategic use of flares distracts the demons, while guns are needed when your barricades are breached.

The Game (330 MB) | Images | Video (AVI 37MB)
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The Silence of Night

Ergophobia ScreenshotThe scene is set: 150 years ago in feudal Japan. Playing as a ninja assassin, you must infiltrate a private manor in order to eliminate your target. By using the shadows, treading softly and watching their movements, the enemy guards can be avoided through multiple routes of gameplay. Set among beautiful Japanese architecture and gardens, and featuring a strong musical score, “The Silence of Night” is a stealth game with a difference. The game features two innovative technologies, a sound visualisation system and an interactive geometry cutting system, both allowing for a unique style of gameplay.

The Game (269 MB) |Images | Video (AVI 21MB)

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Lucid Dreams (finalist)

Desire FX

Lucid Dreams ScreenshotIn Desire FX players take on the role of a modern-day cupid, charged with the task of spreading happiness and love to make amends for past sins. The action takes place in alternate contemporary world, an idealistic setting, where the player is able to navigate the world with by the gift of flight and use his magical bow and arrow to affect both human actions and emotions. The player is free to do as they wish within the world, whether it be taking on missions to progress the narrative, cause a little mischief or indulge in some freeform match making.

The Game (93 MB) | Images | Video (AVI 2MB)
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Evolution of Man

Phoenix ScreenshotEvolution of Man is an action orientated strategy game which puts the player in the role of an early human being who rises to lead manking to survive as the dominant species on the face of the earth. The player will use their intelligence and wits to guide their human followers to gather resources, build weapons and battle against wild animals. Using intuitive keyboard and mouse controls, the game is easy to pick up and an absorbing experience to the very end. In this prototype, the humans will aim to gather in numbers and make their first great discovery of fire.

The Game (55 MB) | Images | Video (AVI 218MB)
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Phoenix Seed (winner)

Bear Go Home

Bear Go Home ScreenshotBear Go Home is a very cute, far eastern styled, side scrolling platform game, aimed at casual gamers. Players must help Bear find his way home but, without direct control over the bear, they must influence his movement by stretching and squeezing him to keep him. The highly intuitive control mechanism adds to the fun and quirky game play to maximise the accessibility of the game while providing great depth for more experienced players. The truly stunning and unique art style and original game play sets Bear Go Home apart from other games.

The Game (67MB) | Images | Video (AVI 14MB)
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Super E.G.O (finalist)


Super E.G.O. ScreenshotAirborne is a flying game set in a fictional Victorian era where flying machines rule the sky. Players can test their skills as an inventor by trying out different combinations of parts to build their own flying machines. As well as testing their creations in various skill based missions, the player can explore the world and set their own challenges in free flight mode; be it attempting to fit through the smallest gap or simply taking in the scenery. Airborne is designed to take advantage of the Nintendo Wii’s innovative motion sensitive controller allowing for intuitive and fun flight control.

Images | Video (AVI 64MB)



Threshold Screenshot‘Tag’ is a Massively-Multiplayer Online Game. It defies traditional MMOG convention by allowing players of all ages and absolutely any skill level to pick-up and play the game for as little or as long as they wish. Set in a unique environment that allows all players to see and interact with each other, the player will take part in a number of fast and fun gameplay modes, all based around the worldwide known concept of the playground game; Tag. A Multitude of power-ups and interactive level elements will add to the already exciting and effervescent gameplay experience.

The Game (120 MB) | Images
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Voodoo Boogy (winner)


Voodoo Boogy ScreenshotRagnarawk is a Rhythmic RPG Adventure set in a fantasy world based around the many genres of music. The player takes control of Rift: a young, aspiring guitar player who through a twist of fate has found himself swept up in an epic battle of good vs. evil.

Wielding a mystical guitar Rift must battle and defeat an evil that is slowly consuming the land. With the teachings of Stratos, an ancient Rock God and the support of “Save Girl” – Rift’s one and only fan - can you defeat the source of the evil and save the day?

The Game (173MB) | Images | Video 1 (AVI 7MB) | Video 2 (AVI 21MB)
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Heaven2Ocean ScreenshotHeaven2Ocean is a 2D puzzle platformer that will keep you hooked for hours. Testing reaction times and skills in logical thinking you must tilt the world in order to guide a body of water through levels filled with hazards and obstacles. To successfully navigate each level you need to dramatically alter the drop's form, interchanging between liquid, ice and steam. Points are gained for not only completing each level in the fastest possible time, but also for maintaining the highest possible volume of water. H2O promises to be an addictive and fun experience that is both simple to play yet difficult to master.

The Game (54 MB) | Images | Video 1 (AVI 5MB) | Video 2 (AVI 8MB)
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